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She was also selected twice as a member of the All-Middle State Chorus.

finalist and Celebrity Fit Club participant Kimberly Locke is dating Harvey E. Whether you’re separated or married — whatever — I would like it to be cleared up.

All rights are to their respective owners or companies. “It’s a love note to the fans that have been there for me throughout the hiatus. The Charlie Be Real- and Craig Brockman-produced “Love Again” is one of Tweet’s favorites.

All images and videos featured are found on the Internet and are believed to be in public domain. Black Star Power Just Friends Spot The Hidden Celebrity With her faith in the music biz partially restored, Tweet headed back into the studio for her third album, Love, Tweet.

As the title suggested, everyone who grew to admire JHud for her breakthrough role in "Dreamgirls" has eagerly awaited this moment. Really, this is what I've been waiting for, dreaming of my whole life.She has recorded in the dance and pop genres, and has targeted the adult contemporary radio format.Locke gained fame with her participation in the 2003 American Idol television series in which she placed third.Needless to say the 'spotlight' has certainly turned towards what JHud can deliver musically wise. It's just a matter of narrowing down [the song choices].JHud's J Records debut untitled record will be in stores this September. Well you ponder over "Spotlight", JHud sat down with "Entertainment Weekly" to talk about her upcoming "Sex & The City: The Movie" gig and her forthcoming music record. I've got the jitters because it's my first album and a lot of people don't realize that.

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